Monday, April 5, 2010

April 5, 2010

My dear Aaron,

I just peeked my head into your room to check on you. You were sleeping like an angel and I couldn't help but think about all the things we did together this weekend.

It was our very first Easter together and it was amazing. We must have hidden the eggs ten times just to watch the pure joy on your face when you found one. You light up a room with that smile, and I can't wait to fill up the years seeing it.

Your third birthday has come and gone and you got more presents than any little boy should ever get. There is no more room in your toy box, but I'm sure you will still get more toys.

You were in your first car accident this weekend. You were with grandpa and had gone to the airport to pick up grammy. At a stoplight a young girl didn't stop and hit the car behind the one you were in. In seconds four cars had been slammed together. You were scared, but not hurt. We hurried to the accident as fast as we could and I wrapped you in my arms and wouldn't let you go. I think I was more scared than you were.

We all survived and you don't seem to have any lingering fear. You are still telling us about the scary car bang, but I am pretty sure you will even forget that as soon as something more exciting happens.

I just have to tell you I love you, my sweet boy.

Sweet dreams, love.

xoxo Mommy